About us

Tax, legal and accounting advisory services in one place – from now on we will be responsible for ensuring consistency of these areas in your company. You will be provided with a comprehensive service, and thereby you will have more time for you company.

Every legal solution we may propose is preceded by a tax review. While rendering financial, payroll and accounting services we verify the documents for compliance with the applicable tax and other regulations.

The services that we offer cover every aspect of running a business.

Philosophy and the rules of work

In our work, we follow the rules that provide our clients with a maximum of advantages, the sense of security and satisfaction.

Satisfaction is for us the only performance indicator
We are convinced that satisfaction, or the source of our success, is the most important commodity.

We listen in order to understand needs and expectations
We do our best to understand our clients’ needs, expectations, situation and conditioning.
We do not propose any actions until then.

Trust and responsibility are the key values in our firm
We build our relations based on mutual trust. We take responsibility for the services and advice we provide, which gives our clients a sense of security.

We believe that success is the effect of linking knowledge with skills and experience
The knowledge is sometimes insufficient. It needs supplementing with our experts’ experience, abilities and intuition.

Specialisation and comprehensiveness are our assets
There are finance, tax, accounting specialists with vast experience among us. This guarantees the provision of professional and comprehensive services.

Professional approach and involvement are our basic inputs into cooperation
We work professionally, with involvement and follow well-thought-out standards, which guarantee a high quality of our efforts and makes us a trustworthy partner.

Pro bono

“Start Biznes” – this “start up your business” campaign aimed at supporting the entrepreneurs who start their businesses is organized by the Polish National Chamber of Tax Advisers. The campaign regulations are available on the website at www.startbiznesdp.pl

First piece of tax advice GRATIS!

  1. Presentation of basic issues concerning the selection of a legal form – advising on the form of business that is most advantageous to the entrepreneur.
  2. Presentation of available choices of the types of accounting as well as the types and forms of taxation. Advantages and disadvantages of each of the forms of taxation. Estimates. Tax optimisation.
  3. Revision of basic rules for VAT taxation. VAT optimisation.
  4. The duty to record receipts with a cash register.
  5. Revision of basis information on the use of company cars – tax effects from purchase to sale. Modes of financing (leasing, credit); advantages and disadvantages.
  6. Presentation of basic information on social insurance contributions, choices of insurance and times for registration.