We offer:

  • Keeping account books and revenue and expense ledgers in compliance with the applicable regulations,
  • Filling in tax return forms of any type,
  • Drawing up statutory statements / reports,
  • Keeping records of fixed assets as well as intangible and legal assets,
  • Drawing up financial statements, control reports
  • Contacts with tax offices and giving explanations during tax audits,
  • Assistance in drafting contracts,
  • Tax consultancy in business activity.

Accounting Policy Statement

  • Assistance in drawing up a chart of general and itemised accounts,
  • Defining an accounting concept for evaluating assets and liabilities (accounting policy),
  • Creating cost accounts and costing,
  • Defining the rules for categorising business operations,
  • Adopting the applicable accounting concept to changed business objects and changes in accounting regulations.

Auditing the Accounts

  • Examining the account books for correct keeping,
  • Examining, and assistance in drawing up, tax returns as well as tax information, balance-sheet data and statistics,
  • Control of, and assistance in drawing up, financial statements,
  • Verification of the Chart of Accounts, Depreciation Plan and accounting concept,
  • Examining accounting documents for non sequitur and miscounts,
  • Training the client’s financial and accounting staff.

Personnel and Payroll Services

  • Keeping personal files,
  • Settling accounts with the Social Security Institution,
  • Filling in PIT return forms,
  • Filling in PFRON [State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled] report forms,
  • Drawing up employment contracts, employment records and other necessary documents,
  • Personal income tax consultancy.

Liquidity Management

  • Drawing up periodic accruals statements,
  • Defining overdue receivables and payables,
  • Sending reminders to debtor,
  • Servicing the client’s bank account (making money transfers, monitoring financial transactions in the account, negotiating currency exchange rates).