Structured Tax Consultancy

We offer our clients assistance in selecting the optimal legal form of business, as part of our structured legal and tax advisory services. Working as a team of tax advisers and accountants, we provide comprehensive services when the legal form of business needs changing and when a new form needs introducing.

 Our advisory services consist in particular in the following:

  • Selection of a legal form for the business the client runs;
  • Advising on restructuring and transformation, in particular into limited partnerships,
  • Advising on purchasing and selling shares, acquiring and selling enterprises,
  • Advising on mergers, divisions and winding up of business units.

Day-to-day Tax Consultancy

We provide comprehensive services in:

  • All types of taxes,
  • Transfer prices,
  • Filling in tax return forms.

 We offer:

  • Hotline – a quick solution to a problem by telephone or email,
  • Expert opinions on tax and tax / legal matters,
  • Tax documents for transfer prices,
  • Tax control on a long-term agreement basis (fixed rate / lump sum fee) or project-oriented basis.

 Our objective is to provide our clients with security and optimise their tax loads at the same time.

Tax Audits

While carrying out tax audits we ensure that:

  • Irregularities in tax liability calculations are detected,
  • New solutions are introduced,
  • Tax loads are optimised,
  • Audit reports are drawn up.

Tax Planning and Optimisation

We offer optimum tax solutions to the client’s business. They concern in particular the following:

  • The form of the business the client runs,
  • Provision of additional capital and funds for companies as well as distribution and payment of profits,
  • Purchase and sale of shares,
  • Incomes from on-going business operations,
  • Other one-off business transactions.

Court and Administrative Proceedings

We offer the following services:

  • Advice on, and assistance during, tax audits and each of the tax proceedings stages,
  • Drafting letters of complaints and representing our clients before Regional Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • Drafting disclaimers, appeals and other legal remedy measures and letters during tax, fiscal and customs audits,
  • Representing the client in tax and court proceedings.